What if I have late payments, or I’m behind on taxes?

That’s okay. We may be able to bring your payments and taxes current as we purchase your house. In any case, we’ll help you develop a strategy to improve your situation.

What is Sustainable Investment?

Sustainable investment means putting sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. From our business practices, to the way we design for our clients and our investment projects, we strive for energy efficiency and healthy environment for people, animals, plants, and the Earth.

How are you different than other investment & design companies?

At Galt Sustainable, we emphasize the needs of people & planet. While we are a for-profit business, we put green principles before the opportunity to make money. We’d rather not participate in a project, unless we can ensure that whatever we buy or design can be made to the highest green standards.

How can you close the transaction so fast?

We have a streamlined purchase process that eliminates many of the hassles associated with selling your property using brokers and marketing to the general public. As soon as we reach an agreement, we’ll open escrow and get the title search process started. In many cases, we won’t need an appraisal, and there will be less documentation than typically involved. Since no conventional loans or mortgages will be involved, you won’t have to wait around for your buyer’s loan approval. Also, you won’t have to make any repairs, which saves a tremendous amount of time in escrow compared to alternative methods of selling your property.

How do you calculate my cash offer?

The key considerations in creating your offer are condition and location. We’ll ask you some basic questions regarding the condition of your property and the repairs that it needs. After that, we’ll conduct market research to see how much demand there is for similar properties and what prices they’ve been selling at recently. We believe in transparency, and will fully disclose our calculations to you, so that you can feel confident you are getting the best price when we buy your property.

Do you need to see my property?

When we first start discussing the details of your property, we’ll focus on your goals in selling, and collecting information about condition, location, and occupancy. We trust our sellers and move forward promptly with making an offer and presenting a qualified agreement. After we’ve made an agreement, we’ll open escrow and schedule a time to take a look at the property and confirm its condition. In as little as two weeks (and sometimes even less) you’ll have a closing check in-hand.

What documentation do you need from me?

In most cases, very little documentation is needed. Escrow and title will verify property and ownership info. If you’re inheriting a property or going through other legal proceedings, additional documentation may be required. If we’re assisting with bring loans or taxes current, loan statements, tax notices, and other related documents are useful to better understand the situation.

Please call (888) 337-0150 with any questions about the process.

What will you do with my property after you buy it?

We analyze the unique characteristics of each property to develop sustainable design and construction strategies that provides safe, efficient, and comfortable spaces for homeowners and tenants in every demographic.

What makes a home or rental ‘Green?’ Is it just solar and water efficient appliances?

Being green is about considering what’s best for people, the planet, and everyone’s prosperity. For our homes this means using materials that are sourced locally, that have low VOCs, and a minimal carbon footprint. If you’re renovating, look for flooring, paint, and other building materials that bear credible green certification labels and will result in the least waste in installing or applying. Sustainability is also about reducing the use of natural resources such as water and timber. Advanced framing strategies can reduce material consumption and waste, protecting our natural timber reserve and limiting the use of fast-growth plantings.

There’s a lot to say here. Please see our Sustainability Blog for more on these types of topics.

Here’s a useful link from the Department of Energy: click here

Is it more expensive to design a green home, income property, or business space?

It’s a misconception that green design and sustainable materials cost significantly more than conventional solutions. Many products in the marketplace now strive for sustainability. More than ever, consumers demand green products. This trend is leading manufacturers to answer with broader and less expensive options in sustainably sourced and manufactured products. When sustainable design is employed early in the integrative design process, any additional costs will be offset by long-term energy savings, increased demand, and enhanced durability.

I can sell my house fast with no closing costs or out-of-pocket expenses?

Yes. We pay all the closing costs, with very few exceptions, and in most cases you’ll have no upfront expenses in selling your home. We pay for escrow fees, title reports, transfer fees, appraisal and inspections costs (if any), and all the typical expenses involved in the transfer of real estate.